Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Back to blogging?!


So I've not posted since October on here which makes me a little sad.

That was nearly ten months ago, which is a little ridiculous. To be fair, I have had an extremely busy time since that last post. I went to Poland for a film festival in November, I travelled home from Uni and celebrated Christmas with my family, I had a dissertation to write and a two short films I was working on as well as work on the weekends. I also had a lovely little trip to Portugal and finally graduated university officially last week with a 2:1.

So that's the three years of university over and I am done with the whole higher education system now. It's all about the job hunts and taking a little bit of time for myself now while working to earn money and stay independent.

Therefore I'm going to try and get back into blogging and posting more than I did.
I did enjoy blogging and have some ideas for posts so I'll see how it goes.
Hope your having a good day whoever is reading this.

See you soon