Monday, 6 October 2014

Mini Rimmel London Haul - Matte and more!

So sorry for being gone for nearly a month!
It doesn't feel like it's been that long but it has. I moved back to uni and got super busy. While I've had post ideas, I just haven't had the time to write and post them. I'm going to try and get sorted and post things more regularly. I just don't know how regularly yet. Maybe I need a daily or weekly blogging challenge or just set a day or two a week where I have to post? I will organise my schedule soon. Anyway, it's haul time!

I love Rimmel make up because it's so affordable and works well and I've recently had a little spending spree on Rimmel products because I couldn't resist. They are generally worth it so I thought I'd test some new products by them. Yaaaayy.

First I managed to find the Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad Eye Shadow in 004 Smokey Blue. It includes a white, light grey and two darker blue-ish toned greys. I love this quad because you can mix up which colours you blend together and there's also a handy smokey eye guide on the back if you're unsure what to put where. I also like wearing the #1 and #3 shades separately if I'm in a bit of a rush. It's quick and easy which is always a plus. The applicator that came with it is terrible to use though, so I just used a different eye shadow brush. I also found this in the pound shop yet when I looked online apparently it's RRP is £6.99. I personally wouldn't pay that price so I'm super happy I got it for £1.

I have also been wanting to try the matte trend for a while and when I found out about new matte shades of Apocalips I got to Superdrug as soon as possible. I've owned two apocalips lacquers, big bang and apocaliptic and I loved both. The new matte apocalips are "Lip Velvet" rather than lacquers and comes in five shades. I picked up the red "505 Burning Lava" and I love it. It's not as matte as I thought it would be (there's still a subtle shine) but I like that saying as this is my first matte lip product and I wasn't sure if it would suit me or not. I would recommend this if you're wanting to try the matte lip but aren't sure because it's good and it's reasonably priced at £6.49.

I'm carrying on the matte trend now. I couldn't help it. I love nail polishes yet realised I have never owned any matte polishes and they have been around for a while. So I picked up a Rimmel Velvet Matte in 014 Sumptuous Red. It's a lovely shade that's perfect for autumn. I also prefer this type of bottle compared to other Rimmel nail polishes, but this one it slightly more expensive at £4.49.

And because I spent over £10 on Rimmel products I was given a free Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara. I haven't tried this before for no reason particular, I'd just not really noticed it. I'm not a huge fan of the packaging but I'm not going to judge. I'll give it a go for free when it should be £7.99! 

This was an offer I got at Superdrug but I also saw that Boots are doing it as well. Not sure how long for, but if you know and like this mascara and want some other make up I recommend going asap!
I love all the new autumn/winter make up coming in to stores now. What do you think of these products? Is there any other new products you would recommend?
Let me know in the comments :)

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